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As our company’s strategy and product expands and evolves, so must its brand. Nylas is transforming business communication, inspiring innovation and creativity, and enabling success. We need a brand that lives up to this mission. But first, let’s talk about our history.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Turn Communication into Inspiration

Our Mission is to Turn Communication into Inspiration Nylas helps companies and their developers around the world unlock the true power of their communications data. Our tools remove complexity when building frictionless experiences and modern, automated workflows, allowing developers and world-class teams to think big, innovate, and build a better future.

Our tagline

Incite Your Future

Our tagline is the emotional experience at the heart of Nylas. We are a bold, future-oriented company revolutionizing the world of communication data and paving the way for inspiring experiences in the future. Our tagline represents this core sentiment.

Our voice

As passionate, unconventional thinkers focused on simplifying the most complicated processes, we want to connect to our audience in a way that is authentic and clear. Our new brand voice is approachable, relatable, and easy to understand. We aim to empower, educate and inspire our audience with clear, useful, and friendly content.

Our brand

Our brand is fresh, approachable, innovative and slightly whimsical. Our logo uses a typeface that is bold, unique and modern. The brand mark is a simplified comet which represents movement, speed, upward growth, velocity, and new horizons. It is very symbolic of our mission statement and tagline.

Our colors

Our main color is a royal blue which represents trust, confidence, and dependability. The shade is bold and tech-forward. We have chosen a family of supporting colors that are bright, modern, and melodic. They represent the reliability, positivity, and friendliness of the Nylas family.



  • #080817


  • #4169E1


  • #6DCEFF

    Light Blue

  • #17C3B2


  • #C769A7


  • #FF786A


Our Style

Our visual identity is clean, simple and fresh with a touch of whimsy. It consists of modern geometric patterns derived from our brand mark that suggest motion and fluidity. We use a fun, light-hearted illustration style that combines graphics, photography, and animation. We also subtly thread a space theme throughout our brand experiences.

Meet Nyla

Nyla is our newest addition to the Nylanaut family. She represents all our key values. She is a friendly, curious, forward-thinking visionary always striving to expand her horizons and learn more. Nyla is here to empathetically connect to our users and bring a fun relatability and light-heartedness to our brand.